Dubai: A high-profile man won his appeal before Dubai’s highest court that overturned his 5-year imprisonment in the case on assaulting his friend to death and will have a fresh trial.

The 30-year-old Emirati man indulged in a heated argument and assaulted physically his countryman friend in Al Barsha area in January 2018.

Dubai police’s forensic examination report confirmed that the Emirati deceased succumbed to a fatal cardiac infarction that was triggered by high blood pressure and sudden fear.

In September, the Dubai Appeal Court upheld a five-year jail sentence against the defendant for assaulting the victim and being liable for his demise.

The defendant appealed his appellate judgement before the Cassation Court and pleaded not guilty. He contended that he did not have any intent to cause the victim’s demise.

The Cassation Court accepted the defendant’s appeal and overturned his punishment.

The presiding judge reverted the case to the Appeal Court for a new panel of judges to hold a fresh trial.

Meanwhile, the civil lawsuit that the victim’s father lodged against the accused was referred to the Dubai Civil Court.

The culprit’s lawyer argued that his client did not cause or was responsible for the victim’s demise.

“He denied assaulting the victim. He did not touch him or attack him with any weapon. He had a heated argument with the victim and he reproached him … but he didn’t assault him,” defended the lawyer

Records said the defendant intentionally assaulted his friend, pushed him on his chest, beat him and yelled at him loudly.

The assault, heated argument and loud voice put the victim under severe mental pressure, shock and distress that led to his death following a sudden heart seizure, according to the accusation sheet.

“The defendant’s behaviour was not intended to infuriate the victim or inflict on him any mental pressure … he didn’t assume that his attitude would cause any harm to the deceased. The 30-year-old was not responsible for the cardiac arrest that caused the victim’s death … there was no direct connection between my client’s actions and the victim’s death,” argued the lawyer.

The defendant was also convicted of drinking liquor and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Appeal Court is expected to hold the fresh trial next month.