Dubai: A driving instructor has been accused of luring his co-worker out of his house and then trespassing into the latter’s residence where he attempted to rape his wife.

An Indian electrician, who works at a driving school, was said to have received a phone call from his countryman, a 46-year-old driving instructor, who asked him to come over for a driving lesson in July.

The electrician, who had been scheduled to sit for a driving test soon, agreed and went out to meet the instructor, according to records, for a lesson at night.

The instructor asked the electrician to pull over after 200 meters and pardoned himself to go for prayer.

The electrician drove on his own for a period before his wife, a nurse called him up and alleged that the driving instructor had trespassed into the house and tried to have sex with her.

The Indian couple reported the matter to the police who apprehended the instructor.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of trespassing into the nurse’s bedroom, getting undressed and attempting to rape her.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the nurse foiled the suspect’s bid to rape her when she outsmarted him and resisted him.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and refuted his charges when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

“No I did not,” he told presiding judge Habib Awad.

The nurse testified to prosecutors that the incident happened around 3.30am in her bedroom.

“I was sleeping when I felt someone slipping into bed and then sleeping over me. At first I thought it was my husband. The person started removing my dress but when I opened my eyes, I realised that it was the suspect. I pushed him off me instantly. When I tried to shout and he put his hand on my mouth to muzzle me, I bit his palm and pushed him away. I asked him to give me a chance to breathe and I would do what he wanted as he stayed in the bedroom. As he sat on the side of the bed, I asked him to allow me to drink water but he refused and pinned me down on the bed. When he tried to undress me, I shouted and resisted him. He ran away and I called my husband. The suspect had removed his shirt when he trespassed into the room,” she claimed to prosecutors.

The electrician confirmed his wife’s statement and testified to prosecutors: “The suspect told me to meet him for a driving lesson then he asked me to drop him near a mosque when he claimed that he had to pray. Later my wife called me and told me what had happened.”

The court will appoint a lawyer to defend the suspect when it reconvenes on October 29.