181128 Shaikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi,
Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Image Credit: WAM

Sharjah: His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, has come to the aid of six Sudanese siblings, orphaned after both their parents died from coronavirus within a month.

Sheikh Humaid will pay for all living, educational and social expenses of the six siblings whose sad story went viral on social media.

Sheikh Humaid's gesture comes in line with the tolerant teachings of Islam about caring for orphans and the Emirati traditions of extending helping hands to the needy and poor families.

The Ruler of Ajman ordered provision of all necessities and care to the six children.

Charities also leapt to the aid of six children.

The 57-year-old father, a Sudanese national, died on May 18, just 23 days after his 37-year-old wife. Both passed due to complications caused by COVID-19.

The six children used to live in Al Tauwan in Sharjah but have now moved to live with their father’s nephew in Ajman.

The children are all aged between four and 16-years-old.

Their new guardian, who recently married, said the children’s father suffered from diabetes and fell ill just days after his wife died.

He was admitted on May 2 and died on May 18.

“We were told both the children’s mum and dad were critically ill with COVID-19 due to complications they suffered from,” said the guardian.

He added that he hoped the children would be able to overcome the loss of both parents in such a short space of time.

He said he wanted the children to continue their studies and grow up as their parents intended.

They did not go to school last year due to late payment of fees, the guardian added.

After these statements help quickly poured in for the six orphans.

School fees, house rent and monthly allowances

The guardian confirmed that local charity Dar Al Beir Society had offered to pay the school fees and housing costs for all six children.

Dar Al Beir have rented an apartment beside that of their relative for two years and provided them with a monthly allowance.

They will join school again in the coming academic year, and their guardian will take care of them.

The charity’s ‘Needy Families Committee’, confirmed they paid Dh50,000 for the kids’ tuition fees, as well as two years worth of rent.

Ali Hassein Al Assi, chairman of the ‘Needy Families Committee’ in Umm Al Quwain said that on Tuesday after 1am, a committee was immediately formed once hearing about the plight of the children.

“The UAE is a homeland of humanity that is always ready to extend support to those in need, regardless of nationality,” said Al Assi.

An apartment will be furnished according to the children’s choice and selection of furniture, he added.

The children’s guardian confirmed he had also received another call from Sharjah International Charity who had offered help by sending food boxes to the children.

The Sudanese Consulate in Dubai is also in contact with the family and is offering consular assistance.

The children’s guardian thanked all those who had extended help to the children.

He also urged all community members to follow precautionary measures regarding coronavirus set out by the UAE government and never ignore them at the risk of losing loved ones.