Dubai: Dubai police helped a nine-year-old boy after his mother allegedly beat him with a shoe because he did not finish his homework.

School authorities noticed a shoe print on the face of the boy and alerted Dubai Foundation of Women and Children who alerted Dubai police.

Social expert Rawdha Al Razouqi at Women and Children Rights protection at Human Rights Department in Dubai police said they went to the school to examine the case and noticed signs of beating on the boy’s face.

Police summoned the boy’s parents.

“His mother confessed that she beat her son because she was so angry when her son didn’t finish his school homework. She expressed her regret and kept crying over what she did to her son,” Al Razouqi said.

The mother said that it was the first time she beat her son.

The parents signed a document that they will not hurt their son in the future and pledged to provide a safe environment for him.

“We will keep monitoring the boy to make sure he is living in a safe place,” Al Razouqi.

Meanwhile, the children rights protection department at Dubai police received 65 cases up to October this year, including 12 incidents of physical abuse.

“We increased our efforts in raising awareness among the public about the negative results on children due to physical abuse and bad treatment,” Al Razouqi added.

Police says that they received many calls from schools this year regarding children rights and they are working to solve any matter related to children’s rights.