Abu Dhabi: Beyonce's fans, both young and not so young, turned up at the Yasalam Formula One Fanzone to enjoy the R'n'B diva's songs on Saturday. The fans also vied for tickets being offered for her highly anticipated concert on Yas Island this Thursday.

"We held the ‘dance-a-thon' because we wanted to give a chance for children to go to Beyonce's concert because we know how excited they are that she is performing here in Abu Dhabi.

"The aim of this event, along with all other Yasalam activities, is to bring the spirit of the race to everyone," Mike Fairburn, a director with Flash, said.

It took the crowd of youngsters a while before they made it onto the dance floor. However, once Crazy in Love blasted through the speakers, there was no holding back.

In the end, three contestants proved their worth and won the coveted prizes.

"I'm a huge Beyonce fan... I'm very happy, excited and relieved that I won [one of the tickets]. It was a bit harder than I thought, we had to go three times in this heat," Ymane Lakhilf, a 24-year-old Etihad employee, said.

Wessam Eltonsy, a 12-year-old student from Al Najah International School and one of the winners, said she had so much fun at the event.

Mohammad Al Yafei, a 15-year-old student from Al Nahda School agreed.

"It wasn't very hard. I had a lot of fun dancing in the competition, even though I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce. But I'm still going to let the whole world know that I won," he said.