Expertspeak. Dr Athika Chettiar Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Tips for fasting during Ramadan are nothing new. But from an Ayurvedic point of view, an alternative form of medicine, there are many general principles of fasting, which if followed during Ramadan, can be very beneficial.

Dr Athika Chettiar, medical director of the Ayur Mandala Ayurveda Centre in Dubai, says, “Seasons affect your body in different and multiple ways and summer has the harshest effect of them all. Pair this with the need to fast during this period and there are many things to keep in mind to stay healthy.”

She said intake of tea must be reduced as it is a diuretic and increases the frequency of urination, thus causing dehydration.

“Avoid eating fried items before going on the fast as fried items absorb a lot of water during digestion and increase thirst. Also, avoid intake of salty foods and pickles. Eat complex carbohydrates like potatoes, corn, oatmeal, cassava, whole wheat and brown rice as they are low in sugar and keep us full for as long as six hours.” While breaking the fast, fibrous and protein-rich foods should be consumed. Dr Chettiar said, “Avoid sugary food as it induces lethargy and fatigue. Drink water boiled with cumin or dry ginger powder. and also Laban. As for lifestyle changes, she said, “Do light exercises one-two hours prior to breaking your fast. Cut down on smoking. Sleep in a cool place. Also take a cold shower with fragrant soaps and perfumes.”