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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a tough task people seek to achieve. People have been subjected to the pressures of staying active and having good bodies. But how much support do they have?

Al Rawabi is offering a hand to those people, by creating three protein milk flavours that match their taste. These are Vanilla Orange Blossom, Choca Mocha, and Banana Almond. Having a wide variety of flavours makes the complexity of having a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Taste is one dimension but that doesn’t make Al Rawabi turn a blind eye to the other ones. For people working out and wanting to stay active, bone health is not something they would want to risk. So it has made its milk 50 per cent higher in calcium than normal milk and protein-enriched.

Calcium goes hand in hand with protein. People working out struggle to secure their daily required protein intake to grow their bodies, however, this shouldn’t be an issue with Al Rawabi’s protein milk as it allows them to reach their daily target carefree.

Having 33 years of experience, Al Rawabi has successfully attempted to combine healthy products with irresistible flavours and Al Rawabi’s protein milk is no exception but rather a perfect exemplification.

Al Rawabi has always followed a consistent pathway of producing freshly made milk from its local farms served to its customer’s table in a blink of an eye.

Several people avoid milk due to them having lactose intolerance denying themselves of all the other benefits milk offers. Al Rawabi has got that covered too as all of the three milk products are lactose-free.

Consequently, it’s safe to say Al Rawabi protein milk is the ideal drink for active people – it’s not just an option for anyone but a necessity.