A 37-year-old Ural Airlines stewardess was rushed to a hospital in Dubai after she was knocked down from the aircraft when a catering truck hit the plane. (For illustrative purposes only) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A flight attendant on a Russian aircraft preparing to depart from Dubai International Airport fell off and was injured after the plane was hit by a catering truck on February 17.

Sergey Antonov, Head PR, Ural Airlines, told XPRESS the incident occurred in the early hours when the flight was preparing to leave for Perm in Russia. Flight attendant Marina Zhelyamova, 37, is being treated at a Dubai hospital.

“Her condition is moderate, but stable,” said Antonov.

A spokesperson for Emirates Flight Catering said: “At 0455 hours February 17, an Emirates Flight Catering hi-loader made impact with the Ural Airlines aircraft operating as flight 6806 at Dubai International Airport.”

She said: “Our vehicle was starting the positioning process to service the rear galley when the incident occurred. Unfortunately one of the airline’s flight attendants was hurt during the incident and received medical attention. A company representative visited her in hospital and provided support to ensure she was well cared for. We cannot comment further at this stage as the matter is currently under investigation with the authorities.”

Antonov said Zhelyamova was standing in the galley near the open exit door at the nose of the aircraft when the catering truck hit it. “The strike was so strong that the aircraft turned by three metres. There was a gap between the aircraft and the teletrap and unfortunately our girl fell through it,” he said.

He said the aircraft was damaged, causing a 12-hour delay for the flight.