SEHA fake photo
SEHA issued a clarification on Tuesday about a photoshopped image that was doing the rounds on social networking sites in the UAE. Image Credit: Twitter/ Courtesy: @SEHAHealth

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company SEHA has confirmed that the viral photo of a COVID-19 PCR testing centre in Dubai is fake.

On Tuesday, the health authority took to its official Twitter account to clarify the photo’s authenticity, and reached out to the public to explain that it was a photoshopped image.

In a post, SEHA said: “The following image that has been circulating around social media is photoshopped. Although we appreciate a good joke, SEHA would like to clarify that it is in no way associated with this image, its message, or its distribution. We love Germans just as much as we love all people.”

Residents across social networking sites in the UAE however, said they were aware of the ridiculousness of the image and knew that it was a doctored one right away.

“And also because the person who did the photoshop had forgotten to translate the slogan that was written in Arabic,” pointed out a netizen.