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Abu Dhabi Labour Court to handover 733 workers' dues at their accommodation Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Labour Court has launched a new mechanism to deliver financial benefits to 733 workers at their accommodation, the court said on Saturday.

The new mechanism aims to help workers who do not have bank accounts to facilitate procedures for them.

The measure will ensure workers receive their financial dues as per the judicial rulings issued to them, and without having to approach the court’s headquarters, as they are delivered through Aramex courier services.

This is intended to follow precautionary measures of COVID-19 during distance work and the business continuity plan and combat the spread of coronavirus to maintain public health and safety of the community.

The court adopted the mechanism to accomplish various judicial processes and complete all related transactions remotely, starting from the case registration, case consideration, the issuance of judgments, and enforcement stage and the fulfillment of the rights of their owners in a record time.

In this regard, the court also explained that the procedures of litigation in the labour court, particularly in the labour enforcement section, ensured the prompt execution of the judicial rulings issued to the workers, as the chief executive takes all the measures to fulfill the worker’s rights directly and without the need for the worker’s presence, according to the case registration documents.

Abu Dhabi Labour court referred to the integration of development efforts into a leading judicial system that meets all requirements and deals with all conditions efficiently, flexibly and readily, in order to achieve the strategic priority of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of litigation, and ensure the accessibility of services, and attain fair and accomplished judiciary.