Abu Dhabi: Fifty-two people injured in Saturday morning's massive car pile-up on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway have been admitted at Al Rahba Hospital while seven patients have been admitted to Al Mafraq Hospital since 10am, according to health officials.

Nine of the injured originally admitted at Al Rahba hospital are in critical condition, the official spokesperson of SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company) told Gulf News. Of them, one has been taken to the hospital's operations theatre for multiple surgeries, while another is being transferred to the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City for further treatment. Apart from the nine critically injured, 15 people are in serious to moderate conditions. Twenty-nine people sustained minor injuries and will be discharged later Saturday, health officials said.

Of the injured people admitted at Al Rahba Hospital, 16 are Emiratis, 5 Pakistanis and Indians each, 4 Egyptians, 3 Omanis, 2 Bangladeshis, 2 Jordanians, while one each from Sudan, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Among the injured admitted at Al Mafraq Hospital are two Pakistanis and an Egyptian family consisting of three children, their mother and father. The two Pakistani patients are suffering from chest and abdomen contusion and will be under hospital care for the next two to three days. The Egyptian family is in a stable condition, are suffering from minor bruises, and are due to be discharged in two to three hours from now.

Dr. Jihad Awad, Deputy Emergency Head at Mafraq Hospital, told Gulf News that the hospital has not received any death causality so far, but expects to receive patients from Al Rahba Hospital, in moderate to critical injured conditions, later in the day.