Tailgating on Shaikh Zayed Road. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police fined 178 motorists for tailgating within the first week of introducing new smart sensors on the emirate’s roads, it was announced on Monday.

Radars were introduced on January 15 that first send warning text messages to offenders that don’t leave enough room between themselves and the car in front, and then issue Dh400 fines and four black points for repeat incidents.

Between January 15 and January 19, 178 motorists were sanctioned.

Police have said drivers should leave a gap of at least two seconds between themselves and the car in front, and more than this if the visibility is poor or the road is wet, when the vehicle’s load is heavy or when the road is not paved.

The same radar can also detect when a vehicle is driving too slow in the fast lane, with offenders getting the same warning and fine or black point penalty if they don’t give way to vehicles coming from the left or behind by moving into the right slow lane.

Police said that activating these sensors to clamp down on tailgating and slow driving is part of a clampdown on poor driving in line with section 52 of the traffic control rules and procedures No.178 for 2017.