She has been Miss India 2004 and was among the top 10 in Miss Universe 2004. She made her debut in 2005's musical hit Aashiq Banaya Apne and her lip lock with Emran Hashemi in the film was in the news. Her sultry looks has managed to catch the attention of audience and has recently featured in the comic hit Dhol.

Favourite holiday destination

I love being in London for a holiday as the hustle-bustle with the lively atmosphere makes this place exciting. I believe this place is a must-visit destination in any traveller's hot list.
I love shopping over here as it is one of the most fashionable cities in the world and you have access to every big fashion brand, especially shoes as I love to have a collection of shoes. In fact, I do most of my overseas shopping in London.

Memorable moments in London

London will always be special for me as I shot my first two Bollywood films here. The first film I signed was Chocolate, which was shot entirely in London while most of the popular songs from my debut film, Aashiq Banaya Apne were shot in the popular tourist spots of London such as Piccadilly Circus and London Bridge.

What not to do in London

Never forget to carry an umbrella as you never know when it will start raining.

Must-haves on a holiday

I need to have my mobile phone, credit card and a novel as I love reading and have a huge collection of books with me.

Any other favourite destination?

Jamshedpur, as it is my birth place and I love to go there whenever I want to take a break from Mumbai.

— Abdulla Mahmood is a UAE-based freelance writer