From the bygone palaces of Udaipur to the majestic forts of Jaipur, here are the top five most Instagrammable places to visit in Rajasthan. Image Credit: PEXELS

Rajasthan, a prominent heritage state in India also known as the Land of Kings, has long been a magnet for travellers seeking the perfect blend of history, culture, and beauty. But in the age of Instagram, Rajasthan has taken on a new role as a hotspot for the most picturesque and photogenic destinations that blend age-old elegance with contemporary influence. From the bygone palaces of Udaipur to the majestic forts of Jaipur, here are the top five most Instagrammable places to visit in Rajasthan.

Gogunda Palace, Udaipur

Nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills and the sparkling waters of Lake Pichola, Udaipur is a city straight out of a fairy tale. Known as the Venice of the East, its opulent palaces, intricate temples, and serene lakes have long captivated travellers. A remarkable landmark with a rich history dating back to the times of Maharana Pratap is the Gogunda Palace. Located approximately 40 kilometres from Udaipur, this palace-turned-hotel is gaining popularity among discerning travellers from both India and overseas. This charming 16th-century palace has been beautifully restored to its former glory, offering a glimpse into Rajasthan's regal past. Instagrammers can capture ornate architecture, lush gardens, and breathtaking views within and beyond the palace.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Jodhpur, known as the Blue City, is a fascinating blend of history and colour. Renowned for its vibrant blue-painted buildings, imposing Mehrangarh Fort, and lively bazaars that offer a sensory explosion of sights, sounds, and flavours, Jodhpur is a must-visit. Umaid Bhawan Palace, a masterpiece of Indo-Saracenic architecture, is a true Instagram sensation in Jodhpur. The palace's golden-yellow sandstone facade and expansive gardens provide endless photo opportunities. Inside, its regal interiors, vintage car collection, and luxurious suites are sure to leave a lasting impression, perfect for showcasing on the 'Gram.

Samode Haveli, Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital and recognised as the Pink City, is a vibrant mix of history and modernity. Its UNESCO-listed City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and bustling markets are a treasure trove for photographers looking to experience the city. However, the lesser-known treasure for Instagrammers is nestled in the heart of Jaipur - Samode Haveli. This 18th-century mansion-turned-boutique hotel exudes old-world charm at every turn. Its courtyards, frescoed walls, and lush gardens create a charming backdrop for photographs that transport you back in time.

Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

Bikaner, a city in the Thar Desert, is known for its stunning dunes, magnificent forts, and delectable sweets. It's a unique blend of rustic beauty and royal grandeur. Narendra Bhawan, a former residence of the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner, is a testament to the city's regal heritage. This luxurious hotel offers Instagram-worthy experiences at every turn, from its art-deco interiors to its rooftop pool with panoramic desert views.

Neemrana Fort-Palace, Neemrana

Neemrana, a town in the Alwar district, is famous for the Neemrana Fort-Palace, a 15th-century heritage property that's been carefully restored to retain its former grandeur. Your plan to visit this town must entail putting up at the majestic Neemrana Fort Palace, perched on a hill, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Its tiered gardens, intricate architecture, and rustic charm make it a photographer's dream. A dip in the pool overlooking the Aravalli Hills is a must for the ultimate Instagram shot.

As social media currently rules for people to showcase their lifestyle and achievements, these Instagrammable destinations in Rajasthan offer a glimpse into the state's rich heritage and timeless beauty. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply in search of that perfect Instagram moment, these five gems in the Land of Kings are waiting to be explored and shared with the world.