The manor themed haunted attraction known as Hysteria, will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a haunted experience Image Credit: Supplied

The city’s new haunted experience comes with a warning label: “You will be scared. Enter at your own risk...You have been warned”. Hysteria Haunted Attraction is the newest kid on the block of escape rooms where visitors need to make their way out alive. And the only way out is through.

For all you horror buffs, thrill-seekers, and adrenaline junkies, if you think you’re brave enough to handle the horror, here are 5 things you need to know about the attraction before you experience it. (No spoilers, we promise)

1. There’s a story to follow

This isn't just a chamber of sensless scares, you are walking through a horror story. The family that lives in the house had all their children vanish in the middle of the night. No one knew what happened to them. The parents have spent the rest of their lives roaming the corridors and the rooms of the manor, looking for them. They think that you know where their kids are, and they will seek revenge on you.

2. If you’re a scaredy cat this might not be for you

The attraction is very extreme in nature. Expect sudden scares, small spaces and strobe lights. If you have any issues with being shocked or scared this may not be the ride for you. If you’re under the age of 15 you aren’t allowed to take part, unless you’re with a grown up. This is serious stuff people. These guys are not joking around about how scary it will be.

3. You won’t be in complete darkness

Yes it will be dark, but it won’t be pitch black. Expect to walk through the haunted mansion, where the rooms and halls are dimly lit with eerie blue and green light. Each room has a different scare-element with its very own scary characters.

4. No monsters are allowed to touch you

They can scare you, jump out in front of you and get all up in your face. But no one is allowed to use any physical contact on you. You cannot touch them either; So as tempting as it may be to push them out of the way, please don’t.

5. If you freeze in your spot from fear, you won’t be trapped in there forever

The experience lasts around 15 minutes, since that is mostly how long people can handle it. But if you freak out, panic and absolutely must get out, someone from the Hysteria team will come in and get you out of there.  Did we mention that the team are certified in first-aid and basic life support and are trained to respond to emergencies? You’re in good hands.

 Location Dubai Mall, 2nd floor Cost Dh100 per person Timing Daily from 10.00am to 12.00am Contact +971 52 223 0866