The Boeing 747 crashes into apartments in Amsterdam and killing more than 250 people. - Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

1992 - An Israeli cargo jet crashes into an apartment complex, minutes after its pilot reported engine trouble on take-off. Dozens of people are killed by fire and burning debris. At least 250 people may have died. The El Al Boeing 747 struck the apartment complex, and flaming wreckage scattered over a wide area of a densely populated area near Schiphol airport. Mayor Ed Van Thijn of the suburb of Duivendrecht said at least 50 apartments had been gutted by the blaze. Residents searched frantically for family members. The Amsterdam Medical Centre hospital said it treated about 20 burn victims. Yisrael Cherbin, cargo manager for El Al in Amsterdam, said the plane’s captain reported problems with two engines shortly after takeoff and asked to return to the airport.

Other important events

1830 - Belgium proclaims its independence from the Netherlands.

1895 - The first US Open golf tournament is held, at the Newport Country Club on Rhode Island.

1910 - Portugal’s King Manuel II flees to England on outbreak of revolution in Lisbon.

1930 - Former presidential candidate Getulio Vargas leads a revolt in Brazil and later becomes president.

1957 - Soviet Union puts the first spacecraft, Sputnik, into orbit around earth, heralding the start of the space age.

1958 - British Overseas Airways begins first trans-Atlantic passenger jetliner service with flights between London and New York.

1966 - The British colony of Basutoland becomes independent as the Kingdom of Lesotho.

1980 - Jordan becomes the first Arab state to openly support Iraq in its war with Iran.

1985 - Kidnapped US diplomat William Buckley is executed in Beirut.

1988 - Brazil enacts new constitution, completing long-awaited ‘transition to democracy’.

1990 - German lawmakers meet in the Reichstag for the first meeting of reunified Germany’s parliament.

1992 - The Mozambique government and rebels sign a peace treaty to end 15 years of civil war.

1993 - Two US Blackhawk helicopters headed to capture a local warlord are shot down in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

1995 - Veteran mercenary Bob Denard frees Comoran president, ending a six-day coup.

1997 - Spain’s Princess Cristina marries Olympic handball star Inaki Urdangarin in a glittering ceremony.

1999 - Palestinian and Israeli negotiators agreed on terms for the first-ever safe passage route between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

2003 - For the first time all Omani citizens above 21 years are given the right to vote for the 83-seat advisory council.

2012 - Former Philippines president Gloria Arroyo is arrested at a hospital after being charged in a case of alleged corruption.

2015 - Dubai launches Mohammad Bin Rashid Global Initiatives, a foundation that consolidates the work.