Dubai: While BlackBerry doesn’t intend to abandon the BlackBerry 10 operating system, it will not produce handsets running on BB10 anymore.

“We will support BB10 for minimum two more years as a lot of governments are using it, such as Canada, the US, Germany and UK. Two more operating releases are coming out — one this year and one by April — and then we will assess,” said John Chen, executive chairman and CEO of BlackBerry.

Even if BlackBerry not longer makes any devices, he said that he will still support the governments for two more years. “After two years, it depends on how much security we can pack into Android. If we can make Android phone as secure as Blackberry 10, which will be difficult, but if we can make it then the two lines will merge. If it doesn’t, then I have to look for an answer to the customer,” he said.

Chen said the company is banking on positioning itself as the “most secure Android smartphone for the enterprise.”