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Vivek Sunder, CEO, Cuemath

What is Cuemath and what it aims to do?

Cuemath started in India in 2013 with a mission to transform the way children learn Maths. We started as an offline teaching center with a small group of students and have now evolved as the world's leading online Maths education platform. Our vision is to nurture #1billionmathminds and create an army of invincible problem solvers of tomorrow - help students master Maths and eventually fall in love with it.

Cuemath’s program believes in teaching Maths by reasoning - understanding the “Why” instead of “What” behind Maths. Our curriculum covers Maths visually and focuses on real-world examples rather than abstract theorems. We demonstrate how a concept works, making it easy for children to grasp concepts intuitively.

Backed by marquee investors like Google, Sequoia and Alpha Wave, we have raised a total investment of $121 million at a valuation of $407 million and are trusted by over 200,000 students across 80+ countries.

What is Cuemath’s philosophy?

Our philosophy is that Maths can take you anywhere. We believe that with the power of Maths by their side, students can achieve greatness, both inside and outside the classroom.

We are changing the way this subject is taught and are constantly working towards eradicating the fear around Maths. We believe a robust foundation will help children overcome their fear of Maths and discover the fascinating side of it. We approach Maths as a life skill and want children to be Maths literate and not view Maths as just a school subject.

What are the core differentiators of the company?

What distinguishes Cuemath from almost every other Ed-tech company is that we focus on only one thing - deep Maths learning outcomes.

We are also certified by Grant Thornton and our curriculum is STEM and Google for Education accredited. Another differentiator for us is our proprietary Maths learning platform - LEAP, which harnesses the power of the digital teaching ecosystem & offers personalized learning experience to every learner on the platform.

What are Cuemath’s growth plans for FY23?

It’s exciting times at Cuemath. We call it Cuemath 3.0 which is primarily about three key aspects - Hyper-personalised learning, greater customer excellence and expanding globally.

We are currently present in over 80 countries and aim to expand to 100 countries by the end of this year. We plan to bolster our presence in North America, APAC, UK, Europe, Middle East, and capture markets in Africa and South America.

Tell us about your business and plans for the UAE region?

We entered the UAE market in 2021 and since then have witnessed steady growth. Our 1:1 personalised Maths learning offering has been received well by over 3000 students in the last two years. In November 2022, we also formally began operations in the region by establishing an office in Abu Dhabi and building a regional team.

As we aim to further solidify our presence globally, UAE and the Middle East become strategic business markets for Cuemath. With the UAE government's increased emphasis on strengthening the education ecosystem by embracing innovation and digitization, we firmly believe that our high-quality Maths pedagogy can greatly contribute to the way students learn at the school level in the region.

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