Dubai: Taiwanese semiconductor company MediaTek is gearing up to make more competitive chips in a bid to take on Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei.

Samsung, Apple and Huawei have their own chipsets.

“We are number one in smartphone chips in volume this year. Most of the Chinese brands are using our chips. Out of the top 10 brands globally, seven are from China,” Rami Osman, director of corporate sales and marketing at MediaTek Middle East and Africa, told Gulf News.

In Middle East, Africa and Turkey, he said that MediTek has grown very well this year. Emerging markets are big for us, especially in India and China.

He said that Dubai is very active and the local brands are an important business for us. They not only sell locally but across the region. There are almost 24 local brands in Dubai.

“MediaTek is supporting regional brands to test and validate their LTE-Advanced handsets on regional carriers’ networks with VoLTE [voice over LTE] being one of the most important features that is available on all of our LTE platforms,” he said.

MediaTek’s 20nm Helio X25 chipset is the world’s first mobile processor with tri-cluster CPU architecture and ten processing cores (deca-core).

He said the three processor clusters, each designed to more efficiently handle different types of workloads. Much like adding gears to vehicles, dividing the cores into three clusters provides a more efficient allocation of tasks for optimum performance and extended battery life.

“It can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more complex and power-hungry tasks to the other clusters. If the smartphone is doing only simple tasks on one cluster, the other clusters can power down, and therefore drive smoother performance and extended battery life,” he said.

The MediaTek Helio X20/X25 introduces dual main cameras and features a built-in 3D depth engine as well as multi-scale de-noise engines, for faster response time between shots and unprecedented detail, colour, and sharpness, even under extreme conditions.

“We were the first to announce a chipset for dual cameras, much before Huawei came out with P9,” he said.

Reports from China said that MediaTek is working on 10nm Helio X30 and X35 chips for next year’s flagship smartphones. Osman confirmed that MediTek is working on 10nm chips.

MediaTek’s Helio P20 is on 16nm architecture.

“We are supporting Google’s Daydream virtual reality project with our next chip. The demand from our customers is not there yet for virtual reality. The three most important things our customers require are powerful Android engine, most advanced connectivity and balanced battery life,” he said.