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New Delhi: Twitter has announced that it is testing a new way to watch YouTube videos directly in the Home timeline of users, without leaving the conversation on the platform.

"Starting today on iOS, we're testing a way to watch YouTube videos directly in your Home timeline, without leaving the conversation on Twitter," the company said in a tweet late on Thursday.

Currently, when you tap on the play button on a YouTube preview link in a tweet, the Twitter app opens the YouTube app installed on your phone to play the video.

Earlier, there was not an option to watch the video directly without leaving the app on mobile devices.

With this new function, it will be possible to start watching YouTube videos without leaving Twitter, which would be way better than opening the YouTube link.

Twitter will also launch a new "Spaces" chat room feature soon that's similar to social networking app Clubhouse.

The Twitter Spaces tool is currently available on iOS Beta with a host of iOS-exclusive features such as voice tweets, which is yet to arrive on Android devices.

Some Android users have started to reveal that the Spaces feature is working for them after installing a specific beta version of the Twitter app.

In the feature, users can create a 'Space' that their followers can join to participate in a conversation.