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Image Credit: AP

New Delhi: Several Twitter users have encountered problems with replying to Tweets on the web, however, the micro-blogging platform later acknowledged the issue and said "things should be working normally now".

A user on Thursday tweeted with a screenshot that reads, "Rate limit exceeded. Please wait a few moments then try again".

After acknowledging the issue, the micro-blogging platform from its 'Twitter Support' account tweeted, "We know some of you may have experienced issues replying to Tweets on the web. Things should be working normally now. Sorry for the trouble!"


However, replying to the company's post, many users are still complaining about the issue not being fixed.

"Nope, not working. I can, however, screenshot the text of my reply and it lets me post that for some reason," a user commented.

"I'm still not having any luck. I have tried to resend multiple times," another user wrote.

One more user commented, "My tweets keep getting sent to drafts, not Tweeted. Same with replies. Things are definitely not working normally."

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has given another deadline of April 20 to remove all legacy Blue check marks, after faltering on the first deadline of April 1 due to a lack of the backend technology to achieve this.

According to reports, there were technical challenges to removing so-called blue ticks quickly at scale and the only way to do it currently was a manual approach.