Downloading WhatsApp in Pink can lead to misuse of contact numbers and pictures saved on mobile phones, financial loss, misuse of your credentials, spam messages, and more. Image Credit: IANS/Twitter

New Delhi: 'WhatsApp Pink' is now gaining popularity in India, with claims of providing users with extra features. Police have issued a red alert for Android users who have downloaded WhatsApp in Pink.

In a Twitter post, the Mumbai Police said, "WHATSAPP PINK - A Red Alert For Android Users", along with a picture explaining the consequences as well as the measures to protect yourself from the scam.

"The news about 'New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features' which is recently doing rounds among the WhatsApp users is a hoax which can lead to hacking of your mobile through malicious software," the picture reads.

"It is not an uncommon instance, to see the fraudsters come up with variety of new tricks and ways to lure gullible users into falling into their trap to commit cyber frauds. It is for the users to be Aware, Alert, and Attentive to these kinds of frauds and remain safe and secure in the digital world."

Here's all about the WhatsApp Pink Scam's spread, precautions, and steps to take if you are a victim.

WhatsApp Pink
WhatsApp Pink is a scam that targets WhatsApp users by offering more features and a different colour scheme. Downloading WhatsApp in


Here's all about the WhatsApp Pink Scam's spread, precautions, and steps to take if you are a victim.

What is ‘WhatsApp Pink' scam

Users are asked to download the 'New Pink Look WhatsApp with more features' by scammers in messages they send out. However, this app is actually a malicious malware that poses a significant threat. By downloading WhatsApp Pink, users unknowingly grant scammers access to their phone's data, enabling them to steal sensitive information.

Pink can lead to misuse of contact numbers, pictures saved on mobile phones, bank details, financial loss, misuse of your credentials, spam messages, and more.

Why is it dangerous

WhatsApp Pink poses significant dangers as it is a deceptive app designed to facilitate mobile phone hacking through malicious software. This malicious software allows hackers to extract a wide range of sensitive information from users' devices, including crucial data such as financial details, One-Time Passwords (OTP), contact lists, and bank account information. Once users click on the download link, the malicious software gains entry into their devices, putting their personal data and privacy at grave risk.

How to uninstall WhatsApp Pink

People are advised to immediately uninstall the fake app downloaded on their mobile by navigating to settings> apps> WhatsApp (pink logo) and uninstall it.

Alert for Android users

The WhatsApp Pink scam warning is relevant only to Android users. Apple users are not at risk because they cannot download apps from third-party stores or APK files, which is how the WhatsApp Pink app spreads.

How to stay safe

You should never click on links received from unknown sources without proper verification or authentication. Also, you should always install applications through the official app store of Google or iOS or a legitimate website.

Always keep in mind to never share your personal details or financial information like login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card details and other such information online with anyone, as it can be misused.

Moreover, be aware and alert about such attempts of cyber criminals by keeping track of the latest news and updates on the activities of cyber fraudsters.