Zaid Al Mashari, CEO of PROVEN Arabia

PROVEN Arabia has expanded into several verticals including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Consulting. Take us through your growth story.

We established PROVEN Arabia in 2014 as an international holding company with several group businesses that offer solutions and services ranging from corporate services, technology consulting, marketing services, facilities management to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics to name a few. Some of our group companies are PROVEN, PROVEN Solution, PROVEN Consult, PROVEN 360, Aemaco and ServHub. We have always wanted to drive innovation in all our endeavours, and this vision has helped us capitalise on diverse opportunities for our rapid and balanced growth.

Diversity has led us to innovate, lead and grow faster in sectors such as consulting, professional services, AI, and other emerging technologies. We have managed to build a diverse portfolio while maintaining focus and competition, thanks to the executive leaderships of each of our companies in their sectors. Diversification doesn’t just mean entering new services or sectors, but also developing new products based on AI to meet current and future needs.

What sets PROVEN Arabia apart from competition?

We founded PROVEN Arabia on some core values. Continuous development and learning, integrity, commitment to quality, friendly work culture, loyalty and customer-centricity is a way of life at PROVEN Arabia and our group companies. We are committed to innovation and creativity, especially for our technology services. Our consulting division helps in creating and sustaining local expertise, market knowledge, and building strong relationships with partners from the sector. We are an agile company and improve our services regularly by embracing technology and automation.

Our customer-centric mindset coupled with continuous innovation in R&D is our driving force. Within the organisation, we support cross-functional collaboration between departments, which leads to a long and healthy relationship with our clients.

How do you see PROVEN Arabia evolving in the next five years?

For the future, we will be focusing on technical and industrial investment, where we will have a sustainable entity and legacy for future generations. We aim to develop our current services and transform them into products Software as a product (SaaP) targeting small and medium businesses, since there is a large market that needs our services.

How did you build and maintain a strong team culture in your company?

From my personal experience of working with multinational companies, I have realized that trust and transparency are crucial to build a strong team culture. At PROVEN, we have established a work culture that thrives on an open-door policy, integrity, respect, growth mindset, active communication and transparency, regardless of our rapid expansion in the region. I strongly believe that this inclusive work culture is the reason for our success as a business.

What have been the key lessons in your entrepreneurial journey that others could learn from?

The greater the responsibilities, the greater the risks, and the more difficult decision-making becomes. We face difficulties and challenges not only at the beginning but throughout our entrepreneurial journey. Continuous growth will depend on innovation and new ideas, while simple successes can encourage entrepreneurs to continue with the same energy. At present, we are fortunate to have an infrastructure and entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which has made things easier than before.