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Set up in 2017, GreenOponics Agricultural Services is focused on soil-less cultivation methodologies to support food security initiatives. “We provide solutions through hydroponics, aquaponics, along with greenhouses and net-houses for both commercial and mini, residential and institutional purposes,” says Chandran Kalarikal Gopalan, CEO of GreenOponics. Several installations have been successfully made on home rooftops, kitchen gardens, camp accommodation facilities, school spaces, restaurant and institutional premises. GreenOponics has been successful in yielding 6-7 kg of tomatoes per plant and over 16 kg lettuces per square metre in a farming cycle.

Benefits of hydroponics

Hydroponic-based techniques, such as the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), and the Dronii Bucket System (DBS) in controlled environments like greenhouses are beneficial as they require 70-80 per cent less water consumption. Planned operations include seed selection, precise nutrients provision for growth, flowering, and fruiting. There is no soil related infestation and the result is a higher yield, nutritious vegetables, fruits and greens

Hydroponics-based farming is accepted worldwide and contributes to sustainability, food safety, water conservation and resource optimisation.

About GreenOponics

GreenOponics is a part of the Happy Holdings Group which has been in the UAE for the last 25 years. It has also developed and marketed unique mini-hydroponic systems and is one of the very few models in the world to have successfully grown vegetables, such as okra, aubergine, capsicum, and gourds. Twenty plants can be grown in one square metre of space.

Chandran Kalarikal Gopalan, CEO, GreenOponics

“We have undertaken several prestigious projects for the Ministry of Education (at 13 schools with DBS and Eva-NFT systems), for the Gems Group, at Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid School for Girls, Sheikh Hamdan Innovation Center for Youth, Al Ghurair farms, the Sustainability Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai, Al Shahama Palace, ACE-Al Futtaim and Wafra Farms,” says Kalarikal Gopalan.


We have been selected by Dewa to showcase our innovative technology during the Innovation Week and have also bagged the Ajman University Innovation Center Award. Greenoponics also provides controlled environment for hydroponic plant growth, through customised greenhouses or net houses and several aesthetic designs for home and institutional use are possible thanks to mini-hydroponics.

The Dutch bucket system on the rooftop Image Credit: Supplied

GreenOponics can help with Eezee - a hydroponic starter kit to cultivate a year’s supply of leafy greens for a family; Eva – modular NFT set up placed on sit-outs, balcony, semi-open spaces of up to one square metre, Verte - suspended from roof or a frame (2 metres high, 1.2 metres wide space); SASA - indoor plants set-up, portable, wi-fi enabled (1.2 metres high, 0.6 metres wide space); Dronii system – array of buckets with drip irrigation that can be set up in as little as 3 metres for vegetables and fruiting plants; Almirah or tower - customised vertical models. To know more about GreenOponics, visit

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