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Finesse began its journey a decade ago – firmly guided by its vision to positively impact the lives of people around us through technology innovations. Starting as a system integrator for technology solutions, Finesse has now grown to be the leader at supporting 350+ enterprises across the globe on their digital transformation journeys.

Digital transformation, in brief, is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business – in order to meet the evolving market and customer needs through technology. Starting on a digital transformation journey is no easy feat for any organisation. It is a cultural change that would require organisations as a whole to continuously challenge the status quo, and make changes to the ways they work. Today’s organisations are at different places on their digital transformation journeys. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a new urgency to meeting digital transformation goals. Overnight, digital transformation goals which were earlier good-to-haves became must-haves for organizations, and forced many organisations to speed up transformation.

For a decade, more so over the past few years – Finesse has been a strong proponent of the benefits digital transformation would bring to organisations. During the Covid-19 pandemic, however, use of digital technology became an issue of survival for organisations. Market conditions and consumer behaviors fluctuated widely, and those organisations that were invested in digital transformation were able to navigate quickly and effectively to successful outcomes. Those which did not, have had to struggle or have closed down already – such is the power of digital tools in the modern world.

Digital transformation is often considered synonymous with moving to the cloud. But it is not – digital transformation includes use of multiple digital solutions to solve customer problems. Finesse has partnered with its clients in solving significant problems in their respective industries through use of intelligent technology solutions, such as AI chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Blockchain, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others.

While churning out successful digital transformation outcomes for its clients, Finesse is also adept at identifying trends in the wider industry. The Covid-19 pandemic for instance, changed the what and the how of the digital transformation journey of many organisations, and Finesse has played a significant role to help its clients restrategise the best way they should be moving forward.

Digital transformation is a journey – not a destination. The focus of digital transformation has to be on transformation – transformation of the status quo within your organisation to leverage technology to make operations and processes streamlined and uniform, thus benefitting the organisation, the customer and the community as a whole.

Securing digital transformation

For all the positives they bring to businesses, digital transformation also brings a certain amount of risk. Collectively referred to as digital risks, these are unexpected consequences that result from businesses embracing digital transformation. Digital risks are many, but most of them come under cybersecurity risk, compliance, resilience, and data-privacy.

Digital risks shouldn’t be taken lightly by any business. As of October 2020, Trend Micro has recorded 50 million cyberattacks in the GCC, a majority among them being email threats and email phishing. Closer to home, a Kaspersky report indicates that there has been a 190 per cent increase of cyberattacks in the UAE, since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. These attacks erode customer confidence, and has reputational, legal, regulatory and financial consequences for the business.

Digital transformation is inevitable, but securing your business’s digital transformation is equally important. Giving due consideration to both aspects together allows you to gain best benefit out of your business going digital.

So, what can businesses do to fuel their digital ambition, while also keeping security aspects in mind?

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & MD, Finesse

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & MD, Finesse

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at Finesse, says, “There are ways organisations can avoid becoming victims of such cyberattacks. But like all things good, the journey is not glamorous, and it requires the support of everyone in the organisation.

“First and foremost, make cybersecurity part of your digital transformation roadmap right from the start. This means engaging security experts at the very start of the digital transformation journey and aligning security strategies to business goals.

Eljo J. P., Chief Business Officer and Director, Finesse

Eljo J. P., Chief Business Officer and Director, Finesse

“Second, is to boost cyber-resilience. While systems should be resilient to cyberattacks, they should also be able to recover and fall back to earlier status quickly.

“Third, partner with security experts/implementation partners that take cybersecurity seriously, trust them to make the best decisions, empower them to take action and thus protect your company and its customers from future pain.

“Final, and most important – remove silos around cybersecurity within the organisation. Cybersecurity should be embedded into each product and service the company provides, and within each team in the organisation. Cybersecurity is everyone’s job, not just that of the security team personnel.”

Finesse, the digital transformation pioneer in the region, brings a holistic approach to your digital transformation journey. Finesse helps you plan and fuel your digital ambition, while also securing your business and help you move forward with confidence on your digital journey.

Finesse has a dedicated cybersecurity practice, which caters to cover infrastructure, cloud, application and data security, centrally managed from our state-of-the-art SOC (Security Operations Centre), based locally here int he UAE.