20240225 optimus
Optimus strolling around the lab. Image Credit: Elon Musk / X

New Delhi: Tech billionaire Elon Musk has shared a new video of Tesla's humanoid robot, Optimus, showing the robot confidently walking on the bustling factory floor.

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“Optimus strolling around the lab,” wrote Musk while sharing the video on X, where it has been viewed over 64 million times.

The video has received thousands of reactions from users.

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"It can't be a coincidence that the Tesla Optimus walks like Joe Biden. Is it?," a user wrote.

One more user mentioned, "Who isn’t impressed by the progress of Optimus development? Remember the 1st clumsy-walking Optimus not that long ago? The progress is insane. When do you think Optimus will be commissioned at job sites?".

Last month, Musk shared a video of Optimus folding a shirt, followed by a disclaimer: "Important note: Optimus cannot yet do this autonomously, but will certainly be able to do this fully autonomously and in an arbitrary environment (won't require a fixed table with box that has only one shirt)."

As per the company, the robot is using the same artificial intelligence (AI) software and sensors present in Tesla's advanced driver assistance system called 'Autopilot'.