Infusion Group CEO
Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, CEO of Enercap, Infusion Group and Kilowatt Labs Image Credit: Supplied

History will tell the tale of a legend, who has not only broken ground for his phenomenal inventions, or for the timely release in a world seeking solace from the effects of carbon emissions, but also for his business acumen. Waseem Ashraf Qureshi has demonstrated a unique ability to successfully commercialize his inventions by navigating the complex world in which we live today. According to Qureshi, inventing groundbreaking technologies can only disrupt industries and markets and make a difference if they make the journey from lab to the market place, at scale. “Otherwise, they are just trophies on a shelf,” he says.

The art of commercialisation requires navigating numerous landscapes concurrently – team building, capital formation, partner development, sales, branding, investor relations, certifications, supply chain, regulations, legal, audit and banking. Each of these standalone verticals present their own sets of rules, regulations, practices, and processes and WAQ, as he is known to his close associates, has mastered all of the above and more. Testimony to this can be found in the groundbreaking, state of the art facilities found in Dubai Industrial City, a distribution foot print in 43 countries, numerous patents in power electronics, the world’s fastest charging battery, the world’s fastest charging EV charging station and recently the singing of a monumental JV in Pakistan to build a supercap cell manufacturing factory via an entity to be listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

Qureshi has selected a very elite inner circle to face the challenge of bringing his impactful technologies to the market. Whether in strategy, research and development or sales and deployment of his products, he is very proud of his ‘cherry picked’ team and the wonderful achievements they are making across the globe. “I always say, we are in an era where simply smart is not enough, you need to be smart and an innovator,” says Qureshi.

Qureshi’s inventions include the groundbreaking Sirius supercapacitor energy storage, Centauri energy server, EV charging stations and EV supercap energy storage modules, all of which are now available via a very strong stockist and reseller network. His group has now set its sights on innovating the capital formation process, as the business begins to grow exponentially. In doing so, a holding company incorporated in Singapore, Enercap, will be consolidating value from various subsidiaries that are commercialising Qureshi’s technologies, and new investors in Enercap. In addition to traditional capital formation avenues such as private equity, trade finance, and venture debt, Enercap is actively reviewing new innovations in finance including bitcoin, blockchain, digital fractional ownership, and more.