Biju Unni, Vice President at Cloud Box Technologies

Cloud Box Technologies (CBT), an IT services specialist based in the UAE, is participating in GITEX Global 2023. Being a Titanium Partner of Dell, the company will promote its solutions portfolio that enables digital transformation for customers across various industries, including healthcare, banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, and education. The company will also highlight its specialized capabilities in on-premises digitization, its strong NOC, and its pre-emptive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service capabilities.

Biju Unni, Vice President at Cloud Box Technologies, states, “This year at GITEX, we will also showcase our complete cybersecurity solutions, including our latest addition - a Security Operations Center (SOC). We have set it up primarily as a watchful custodian of our customers’ digital assets. With our SOC, we can now support our customers in fortifying their cybersecurity defences and protecting against growing cyber threats in the fast-changing digital ecosystem.”

CBT’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is equipped with the latest technology tools to enable 24/7/365 threat monitoring, detection, and targeted response support, ensuring rapid identification and containment of security incidents. The SOC is also fully compliant with regulatory standards. The SOC utilises cutting-edge tools and technologies to detect any alterations in cyber threats and promptly respond with appropriate countermeasures.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is capable to provide uninterrupted 24/7 surveillance for networks and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it leverages internal threat intelligence knowledge base and also uses external data from partners and regulators to promptly detect, identify, investigate, and analyse cyber threats in real time. Cybersecurity extends beyond risk management, and encompasses strategic aspects that influences product capability, organisational effectiveness, and customer relationships, based on unique customer requirements.

With the implementation of the new SOC, Cloud Box Technologies is now capable of assisting its clients in formulating a comprehensive cyber strategy that encompasses the dimensions of risk, business, and culture. This will prove to be a valuable asset in their endeavours towards digitisation, as it will enable them to establish a secure environment.