As part of a weekly showcase to demonstrate the power of Nvidia Studio technology, Nvidia recently showcased the work of 3D artist Nourhan Ismail, who crafted an original piece titled Creator by Day, Gamer by Night. The piece features Ismail’s signature isometric art style, paired with rich, vibrant colors and playful details. The same art style can also be observed in the Nvidia Studio Sessions YouTube miniseries led by Ismail, which provides step-by-step tutorials on how to create a low-poly bedroom, from inception to final render.

Ismail’s creative journey began at the age of four as an escape from the armed conflict in her homeland of Syria. Encouraged by her artistic and fashion designer father, Ismail began to discover her own artistic style, which blossomed into the recognisable single-room aesthetic she creates today.

“Starting with a single room, I delve into interior design, crafting spaces that reflect the comfort and joy I yearned for during challenging times,” says Ismail. “To me, overcoming adversity proves that even from the harshest circumstances, beauty can emerge.”

After first collecting reference material as a source of inspiration, Ismail predominantly works within Blender to start sketching in 3D. Thanks to her GeForce RTX 3080Ti GPU and Nvidia Studio drivers, Ismail is able to utilise Blender’s RTX-accelerated raytracing features to bring her vision to life. While the models are still fairly rudimentary, Ismail calculates the angles that light should be coming in from to evoke the correct emotion from the piece.

“Lighting is an emotional element,” says Ismail. “The lighting of each piece evokes different emotions and a certain idiosyncratic introspectiveness, making the experience unique to each person.”

Once the scene and models have been put in place, Ismail then works with different camera angles to analyse shadows and lighting for the most dramatic effect. Here too, Nvidia technologies help to create the smoothest renders in the shortest time, allowing Ismail to work and create without interruptions. Final touch-ups are done in post-production in Adobe After Effects, where over 30 GPU-accelerated effects help to speed up the creative process.

“NVIDIA is committed to featuring and supporting local artists and content creators in the region as best as we can,” remarks Chantelle Tavid – Head of Marketing, Nvidia MENAT. “It’s great to see Nourhan Ismail’s artistic journey develop so strongly over the years, and how she can harness Nvidia technology to bring her ideas and artwork to life. At Nvidia we’re passionate about our products being used to express new and bold ideas, and Ismail’s works show a passion and insight that truly resonates with us.”

Nvidia Studio drivers, coupled with GeForce RTX GPUs, give creators unprecedented performance to create 3D models and artistic pieces with incredible speed. With a growing library of applications that benefit from GeForce RTX GPUs and free AI tools from Nvidia, creators now have access to a variety of tools to create breathtaking pieces limited only by their imagination.