Sharjah Ramadan Futsal Championship semis decided
The action has been heating up at the Sharjah Ramadan Futsal Championship. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Al Wahdan futsal team’s dedication, determination and hope have been hailed during the fourth edition of Sharjah Ramadan Futsal Championship (SRFC), which is currently being held at the Sharjah Sports Club Arena in Al Hazana Branch.

Al Wahdan were new entrants in this year’s championship and had three special needs players, who are hearing-impaired. They exited the tournament in the knockout stages, but their grit and sportsmanship impressed all, with their attitude that nothing is impossible, if you are determined to achieve it.

Throughout their participation in the Ramadan sporting event, which is being organised by Sharjah Sports Channel, athletes Ismail Malek, Mahdy Farjallah and Walid Khalid displayed excellent sportsmanship. They used sign language to coordinate with each other on the pitch and their the skilful communication had opposition on the ropes as Al Wahdan went in hunt of goals on the pitch.

Commenting on his participation, Malek said: “The participation in the tournament itself is very important to us. It helps you to sharpen your technical skills. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the quarter-finals. The tournament has some very strong and technically sound players. Our disability has never been an impediment in our game. Futsal as a game, is also about strategising, technique and tactic. Our team has everything, but unfortunately, this time luck was not on our side”.

Farjallah added: “The true spirit of sportsmanship lies in integrating everyone, even people with special needs. This tournament has successfully conveyed this message. Therefore, we in turn were able to demonstrate our abilities in front of everyone. The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. I have always maintained an intensive training regime to be able to participate in such tournaments. This game has been my passion since childhood and I joined Al Wahdan club through a friend’s invitation. The club has been my bulwark, training and encouraging me to compete, while my colleagues constantly supported and guided me in advancing my skills.”

Coach Abdullah Karam extended his thanks to Sharjah Sports Channel for organising the championship and providing the opportunity to people of determination to take part in the event. “This opportunity to be able to compete against talented local and international players is praiseworthy,” he said. Players with hearing impairment underwent extensive training to be able to effectively communicate with their teammates and coaches, in addition to their opponents and referees. We also worked hard on advancing their skills and talents through routine practice sessions. The participation of athletes with hearing impairment in this championship is a testament on their keenness to attract talents into sports notwithstanding any disability that they may have.”

In Saturday’s action, Sharjah Police and Fuhood Zabeel booked their place in the SRFC final. Fuhood Zabeel defeated Sports 4 All 3-1 in the semi-finals, while Sharjah Police reigned over Khorfakkan 4-2.