The tournament will take place featuring 20 of the world’s best male and female Muay Thai fighters. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE will play host to the exciting World League of Fighters (WLF), a unique sportainment league that aims to position MuayThai on the global stage.

The WLF partners with World Boxing Council MuayThai to bring together a league-styled competition.

The tournament will take place featuring 20 of the world’s best male and female Muay Thai fighters. The renowned international combat sports stars will be divided into four franchises that will compete

against each other in a round-robin format, to claim the coveted WLF-WBC title belt.

Speaking about the league, co-founders of the league Rajesh Banga and Sunil Matthew said, “We have the vision to amplify the popularity of martial arts and boxing on the world stage and to reinforce love for combat sports internationally by inspiring fans and aspiring talent from across the globe. WLF is a perfect platform to do so and with a historic partnership with the World Boxing Council

MuayThai, we will bring together the greatest show in the ring in history.”

WLF will also see some of the world-renowned international artists hold concerts each night.

Positive stride

WBC MuayThai secretary general Kevin Noone stated, “The collaboration between WBC MuayThai and WLF marks a positive stride for the MuayThai industry and the world of combat sports. We believe that the WLF team will provide an invaluable platform and pathway to success for emerging and established MuayThai talents.”

Col. Thanapol Bhakdibhumi, WBC MuayThai president, added: “We have a plethora of the world’s best MuayThai fighters with us and new talent is constantly emerging each year. A league-styled competition of this scale and magnitude is exactly what is needed to give the combat sport a shot in the arm and turn the spectacle and excitement around it up several notches. With Live music concerts, this will be an unprecedented event and will be a show of guts and glory.”

Rahul Saxena, chief executive office and president of WLF shares said, “Through the synergy of tradition and modernity, our initiative with the WBC MuayThai establishes a foundation for an exciting and progressive era in the world of martial arts and sports entertainment. We have introduced an innovative league concept that goes beyond the conventional, offering fans an unparalleled and exhilarating experience. Our vision is not just about redefining Muay Thai but creating a dynamic platform that sets the stage for the future of combat sports.”