Most of the seeded players cruised through to the second round with easy wins at the end of the first round of the Dubai Junior Chess Championship being held at Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

The most exciting game was between Hadi Lameei Ghasema of Iran and Agayev Nidjat of Azerbaijan. Hadi kept his cool under time pressure and managed a draw with the seeded player.

Nijat had to draw his game, as he had no entry for his king in the minor piece endgame.
Dasari, Sai Srinivas of India too had a tough match with Gurbanzade Erkin of Azerbaijan and he won the game on time.

In the opening a Sicilian defence, Dasari played a long game and was under time pressure. In the end, his experience and time pressure decided the game.

Among UAE players, Saeed Ishaq, Salem A.R. Saleh, Hamed Abdul Razaq, Eman Abdulaziz, Marwan Abdul Wahab and Abdulaziz Ebrahim won their respective games.

Results (Round 1):
Golsorkhi, Mohadaseh (0) lost to Safarli, Eltaj (1); Dasari, S. Srinivas (1) bt Gurbanzade, Erkin (0); Hadi Lameei Ghasema (0.5) drew Agayev, Nidjat (0.5); Manoj, Arjun (1) bt Haifaa, Sultan (0); Haneyeh, Mousavi (0) lost to Toufighi, Homayoon (1); D., Florian (1) bt Harati Nejad (0).