Hatta: Maria Jankowska has decided on a new profession with immediate effect.

Minutes after winning the women’s title in the gruelling 20km/25 obstacle Beast Challenge at the XDubai Spartan Race in Hatta on Friday, the Pole announced her intention.

“Spartan racing is something that I am good at and today has been a proof of this ability. I don’t think I want to continue in my old job as I see Spartan racing as my next challenge in life,” Jankowska told Gulf News.

For more than three years now, Jankowska has been working as cabin crew with Emirates on their new fleet of A380s. “I love my job, but suddenly I see new avenues for me after such a defining performance in today’s race,” she said.

Jankowska finished the 20km route taking in 30 custom-made obstacles with a quick time of 3 hours, 46.57 minutes leaving Dubai-based Serbian competitor Ivana Kolaric in second with a time of 3:49.04, while seasoned global runner Angelique Chetaneau of France was placed third with a time of 4:06.31.

“Suddenly I see Spartan racing as my new calling. This is what makes me happy and gives me great joy. I want to go out there and take on fresh challenges in life,” she said.

“I have decided that the first thing I want to do after I get home today is to type in my resignation. One more month down the road and I will be able to be totally committed to Spartan racing as a professional athlete,” she added.