Open House at the Harley Davidson showroom in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/XPRESS

Abu Dhabi: Hundreds of Harley Davidson riders turned up at the bike’s Musaffah showroom which hosted an open day on March 31 to mark the 115th anniversary of the iconic brand.

The American motorcycle maker is celebrating the milestone by offering special discounts and test drives.

“For me, Harley is a way of life. I had to be here,” said Harley-Davidson owner Ahmad, who turned up at open house in a leather jacket with the brand’s’ distinct bar and shield logo embroidered on the back.

 We have a very faithful and growing clientele”

 - Charl Bester, Sales manager

“We have one of the largest dealerships in the world outside the US and a growing clientele,” said Charl Bester, sales manager of the brand in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. “We also bagged the Big Brands award for the Best Motor Cycle this year.”

Harley’s latest offering, Street Glide, was unveiled at the event. It has a shade of paint called Legend Blue and is part of the 115th anniversary collection.

The 1745cc motorcycle costs Dh135,450. “There are only 1,800 models worldwide and only one is available in the UAE,” said Bester. According to Bester, their fastest moving model is Fat Boy. It has already sold 15 bikes this year.

Fat Bob: A way of life

New model of Harley Davidson 115th anniversary at the Musaffah showroom in Abu Dhabi.

Jorge Muller, a 52-year-old US expat and a diehard Harley fan, says he used to shun people who rode motorcycles. “But since I bought a Fat Bob in 2009, it has become a way of life with me. Every time I ride it, I feel the power and the energy. You become one with the road and the surroundings (as opposed to travelling in a car). I have travelled more than 130,000km so far,” said this ex US army officer who is now a technical inspector in Abu Dhabi.

Muller has more than 40 Harley tee-shirts and his vest is filled with his Harley badges and patches. “My favourite is the Operation Desert Storm (1991) patch as I was part of it. Harley is the only brand which allows you to customise each and every emotion and experience,” he said.