Dubai: The legendary Monks of the Shaolin Temple will be among the top-notch attractions alongside the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) scheduled for October 26.

The fighting monks of Shaolin Monastery in the Pagoda Forest on Song Mountain in China are globally adored as a solid legacy of Buddhism. The monks are real, but have been made mythical in countless martial arts movies

However, with their ancient arts allegedly threatened by the new, the Shaolin fighting tradition, specifically tai-chi, has lost big time against Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“The Beasts in the Middle East will be a festival concept with plenty of spectacles and features for all. But we are excited about everything else that will be happening around the main event such as the gladiator horsemen ceremony, a Bench Bash competition, a Fittest Human competition, Roller Skating, Capoeira fighters, amateur boxing, MMA, Hawaiian fire artists show, obstacle course, arts and craft, live music and fireworks,” Mark Boyd, owner, World’s Ultimate Strongman, disclosed.

“With the acts we have assembled we are going to have a true fun-filled day,” he added.