Kylian Mbappe speaking in Dubai
Kylian Mbappe speaking in Dubai Image Credit: Courtesy CNN Connect The World

Paris St-Germain and France striker Kylian Mbappe isn’t expecting to move in the January transfer window amid speculation that he may join Real Madrid.

Mbappe told CNN he will finish the season with PSG and his focus lies on beating Real Madrid in the Uefa Champions League Round of 16 early next year.

Now playing alongside Lionel Messi at PSG, Mbappe spoke about what it’s like to play along the Argentine superstar and whether he has to compromise his game to accommodate Messi.

“I don’t have any problem to play with a big player because it’s what I want. But it’s easy because it’s a pleasure, first of all, to play with them and I want to win. So, if I have to make concession to win, I will do.”

Mbappe on speculation he may join Real Madrid and whether there will be any developments in the January transfer window:

“No, not me in January, no. I’m in PSG. I’m really happy, I will finish the season 100 per cent. I will give everything I have to win the Champions League, the league and the cup and to give all the pleasure to the fans because they deserve it — and I think I deserve to win something great with PSG.”

Mbappe on playing alongside Lionel Messi at PSG:

“First of all, it’s hard to believe to play with him. Because for me, he played all his life in Barcelona. To see him every day, to play with him, it’s a big dream. It’s an honour. I learn every day. It’s an amazing moment for the history of the game. I hope we will win so many titles this season and be recognised like the best team in the world, but we have to work, but with Lionel Messi it’s easier.”

Mbappe on whether he expects to start next season as a Real Madrid player:

“I think really is not for me the moment to talk about it because we have, like I said, in the most important part, the season and we play Real Madrid. So, the only thing I have in my mind is to beat Real Madrid in February and March. We are ready and I’m ready to play and give everything for PSG.”