Andre Russell 3
Andre Russell Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Andre Russell wants to be on song while batting, but does not fancy singing while he’s tormenting bowlers on the field.

Virender Sehwag, the dashing former Indian opener, is known to hum a few tunes to help him relax while facing the best of bowlers, but Russell, who has recorded some songs under the name of Dre Russ, doesn’t subscribe to that theory.

“It is impossible to sing songs while batting,” he contended. “I may hum a few songs in my head or if I listen to a song before I go on to the field, that song will play in my head. But in terms of singing, while batting, it is going to break your concentration. So you need to be focused,” he said during a training session for Northern Warriors at Robin Singh Sports Academy.

However, Russell has his plans cut out for the future. “I have taken a break from music, but I want to do music when I am back fully fit and happy with my game,” he said.

“Cricket is everything for me now. Music is just for fun and I am going to think about taking it further as a career after cricket.”

For now, Russell is 100 per cent focused on his cricket, not sweet music for the bowlers out there.