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New Delhi: Former India fast bowler Praveen Kumar made a huge revelation about the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) that joining Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) was not his initial inclination and how his hesitancy to be part of the franchise resulted in a shocking reaction from Lalit Modi.

During an interview with Lallantop, Praveen revealed he initially preferred joining Delhi Daredevils, being close to Meerut. However, a signed paper with RCB which turned out to be a contract and when he approached Lalit to communicate his choice, the then-IPL commissioner threatened to end his career.

Cricketer Praveen Kumar
Cricketer Praveen Kumar Image Credit: Twitter

"I did not want to play for RCB because Bangalore was quite far away from my place, I didn't know English, and the food was not to my liking. Delhi is quite close to Meerut, which would have allowed me to travel to my home once in a while. However, there was a person who made me sign a paper. I did not know it was the contract. I told them I wanted to play for Delhi and not Bangalore. Lalit Modi called me and threatened to end my career," Praveen said in the interview.

Ball-tampering, a widespread practice

In the same interview, addressed the issue of ball-tampering, stating that it is a widespread practice among players. He mentioned that Pakistani bowlers used to engage in it more frequently to enhance their ability to achieve reverse swing.

"Everyone does a little bit; they (Pakistan bowlers) do it a bit more. That's what I've heard. Now, there are cameras everywhere. Earlier, everyone used to do it. And everyone knows as well. They would scratch it from one side. But you need to know how to use that skill, too. If I scratch the ball and give to someone, one will need to have the skills to reverse-swing it. One has to learn that," Praveen said.