Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Indian captain Virat Kohli does not believe in playing the senior and wants to create a dressing room atmosphere where everyone can open up and be ‘organic’ in their approach.

Getting candid in a video on his official app ‘Virat Kohli,’ he said: “In all honesty, I cannot behave like a senior. I can’t do it even when someone gives me a lot of respect. I can’t relate to myself as a senior cricketer.

“If someone comes and starts saying things, which are too respectful, I crack some joke and be like ‘itna bhi koi serious hone ki zarurat nahi hai’ (you don’t have to be this serious also). So I try to make them comfortable immediately. Because I like the idea of people opening up.

“I don’t like the idea of not speaking up or not knowing what’s going on. We should be organic and that’s the way I like it.”

Kohli also spoke in length about the impact his older brother Vikas Kohli has had in his life. Although an age gap of seven years, Kohli said his brother in whatever little time he got made sure to take him around to the cricket games as a kid.

“My brother is seven years elder to me. He was obviously involved in the business with my dad, but whenever I had a game, he made it a point to take me, watch the game or bring me back when I was really small. When I was older, I used to go by myself,” Kohli said.

The fitness freak that Kohli is, he suggested in one of the videos that his favourite form of exercise is resistance training as the form of exercise gives him the right amount of burn on the muscles.

“Something that I really enjoy apart from all the weightlifting and running and condition and all that stuff is a lot of resistance work with therabands or resistance bands,” he said.

“I think it is a great way to do focused and precise work on your muscles. It is something that is not too hectic but also gives you right amount of burn on your muscles. I think resistance training is one of my favourites apart from weightlifting and running.”