Dubai: Lord Sebastian Coe, the President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), said that Africa will host a World Championships within the next ten years.

“As a former athlete, and now as president of the IAAF, I am committed to taking my sport to a more healthy state. Africa is the next destination for me. I have already started discussions with Africa for hosting a World Championships,” Lord Coe told media.

“If we are genuinely saying our sport is global, then we have to navigate challenges and circumstances to prove that we are all over the world,” he said.

Lord Coe further admitted that he was in full favour of the Olympic Games moving around on various continents. “It is really important that we take the Olympics around the world. We can’t always assume that the Olympic Games will go to one or two places all the time. We need to engage our athletes better, and also engage and include newer destinations that want to be part of this process,” Coe said.

“The road will not be easy. We will need to navigate various circumstances, whether they are political, cultural and sometimes even climatic. We need to figure out a way to go ahead wherein any city can come forward and host any important event like an Olympics or a World Championships,” he added.