Boxing press meet. Image Credit: Courtesy Dubai Sports Council

Dubai: Former world heavyweight champion Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs is hoping his “new home” will provide the inspiration for a third comeback.

American Briggs has declared he wants to fight one of the Kiltschko brothers in Dubai in January or February next year.

“I want to fight Vladimir or Vitali, either of them would do for me,” Briggs said at a press conference ahead of Destiny in the Desert II, which takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday.

“This is the only situation that I can pull them out for a fight. They have avoided me for many, many years and I want to tell them that Shannon Briggs is not gone, I am back.

“Dubai is my new home. I want my wife and children to be here with me. Given my personality, it’s hard to get me excited, but this mega situation has got me excited and I want the world to know that Shannon Briggs is here.”

Promoter EMD Sports Services, led by former five-time world champion Amir Shafiypour, has lined up some of the top names in the world of boxing, Thai boxing and mixed martial arts for Friday’s event. Sadly, the UAE’s only professional boxer, Eisa Al Dah, will not fight after injuring his left wrist during training two days ago.

Now 40, Briggs is confident of a comeback, hopefully against one of the Klitschkos, at the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Sports Complex early next year.

“The last time we fought [against Vitali], I took 271 punches for 12 rounds with one hand and he could not knock me down.

“I never wanted to quit. And now I see this fight next year as the spark.”

Briggs took a severe beating from Vitali Klitschko in Hamburg in October 2010.

He was treated in intensive care after suffering a left orbital fracture, broken nose, facial fracture, burst ear drum and torn left biceps.

But he had put it all behind him and aspires for world fame again.

“I am a big thinker and nothing could have pulled me back in boxing if not for an opportunity like this,” Briggs said.

“Being here has given me the rush back. I am going to open the doors and everyone will want to come to Dubai.

“I fought Vitali but it was heart-breaking. I promise you that I will be the world champion right here for the third time and this will be the new Las Vegas of boxing.”