Dubai Spirit Wins Video Credit: Irish Eden Belleza, Video Editor

The malls are bustling, the parks are full, and the offices in Dubai are staffed to pre-pandemic levels.

The masks on the faces of the people and the physical distancing they maintain are the last vestiges of the fight against a deadly virus that disrupted normal life around the globe.

Like other parts of the world, Dubai too grappled with the coronavirus.

But early planning and decisive measures helped the city tackle the virus head on. It was assisted to a great deal by an entire community that worked together to defeat COVID-19. This meant an early return to offices, schools, restaurants, gyms and parks.

Dubai’s fight against COVID-19 is a story that is worth telling. It is a lesson for policy makers around the world, an inspiration for those on the frontlines and an encouragement to those weighed down by odds.

In this in-depth documentary, senior officials in Dubai look back at the strategic decisions they made at crucial junctures in the battle against COVID-19. They recall how an entire infrastructure came together to protect the various sectors and ensure that life returned to normal.

The documentary portrays the triumph of Dubai’s spirit against all obstacles and a desire to fight the seemingly invincible.