OPN Trust by Díaz Hernán
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Trust by Hernan Diaz is a literary rollercoaster that constantly keeps readers on their toes, challenging their perceptions and subverting expectations.

The novel takes us on a riveting exploration of family, wealth, and ambition in a bygone America, skilfully weaving together linked narratives presented in various literary styles.

The opening section of the book immediately grabs the reader’s attention, immersing them in a compelling story that seems straightforward at first glance.

However, just when you think you have a handle on things, Diaz skilfully executes a narrative twist that shakes the foundation of everything established in the initial pages. This unpredictability sets the tone for the entire novel, keeping readers engaged and eager to unravel the mysteries within.

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An immersive experience

As the story unfolds, Trust delves into the complexities of love and power in a society dominated by capitalism. The narrative takes daring leaps across time and perspectives, offering readers a multifaceted view of the characters and their interwoven lives.

Diaz’s ability to seamlessly transition between different literary styles adds depth to the storytelling, making each section a unique and immersive experience.

The synopsis teases a tale of a Wall Street tycoon, a young wife, and a novelist threatening to reveal their secrets. The narrative unfolds through four competing versions of this deceptive tale, inviting readers on a quest for truth while confronting the lies that reside within the human heart.

The third section, set during the Great Depression, introduces Ida Partenza, a young woman from Brooklyn who becomes the secretary and ghostwriter for the enigmatic financial mogul, Andrew Bevel.

Recognition and acclaim

This segment not only enriches the narrative with historical depth but also captivates readers with its nuanced exploration of the characters’ relationships and ambitions.

The accolades, including being listed as one of the New York Times Top Ten Books and one of Barack Obama’s favourite books, reflect the novel’s widespread recognition and acclaim.

In 2023, the novel earned the prestigious honor of being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It stands out as a buzzy and enthralling work that explores empires and erasures, staggering fortunes, and unspeakable misery.

Trust by Hernan Diaz is not just a novel; it’s an intricately crafted exploration of human nature, ambition, and the consequences of unchecked power.

Ahmad Nazir is a UAE based freelance writer