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In the expansive realm of serial literature, the second entry often succumbs to the shadow of its predecessor, failing to sustain the initial allure.

Yet, ‘Iron Flame’ emerges as a defiant exception, ensnaring readers with its magnetic allure from the very outset and steadfastly refusing to release its grip.

Summary: The plot revolves around Violet Sorrengail, once prophesied to succumb within the hallowed halls of Basgiath College. She confronts an intensified crucible of training.

The trials, meticulously crafted to thrust pain thresholds to the outer limits, are compounded by the unyielding efforts of a novel vice commandant, singularly resolved to lay bare Violet’s vulnerabilities unless she is willing to sacrifice love.

Notwithstanding Violet’s physical constraints, her incisive intellect and unwavering determination metamorphose into indispensable instruments for negotiating the myriad challenges. Having imbibed a pivotal lesson at Basgiath, she discerns that dragon riders are architects of their own codes.

Yet, survival in this juncture necessitates more than mere resolve. Violet unearths an ancient, clandestine revelation at Basgiath, a truth so archaic that even the ferocity of dragon fire may prove ineffectual in salvaging their plight.

Fantasy: Yarros intricately weaves a tapestry of magical elements, fashioning a fantastical realm that amalgamates influences from diverse sources. I choose not to dive into every detail because the story’s real appeal is in its captivating qualities.

While the prose may not ascend to lofty literary peaks, the profusion of twists sustains reader engagement. The storytelling, while not an opus, exudes a compelling accessibility.

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Resonant of a Colleen Hoover novel, the series exerts an addictive pull, propelling us through its voluminous chapters with surprising ease.

As the story unfolds with unexpected turns and a finale that feels like the climax of a two-part tale, your heart can’t help but long for the next book in the series.

Ahmad Nazir is a UAE based freelance writer