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Image Credit: UAE Presidential Court

The UAE has been making diplomatic efforts to solve international problems at the regional and international level, thanks to the wise policies and directions of the President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

This was very evident in the country’s recent efforts towards mitigating the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The UAE president held talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a visit to Saint Petersburg in recent weeks to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the need to keep the Russia-Ukraine dialogue process open.

To solve one of the most pressing issues of our times, several bodies like the UN, apart from major Western countries and some Asian nations are trying to resolve the current conflict through diplomatic means, and looking towards the prospect of a better future for the two countries.

The problem posed by the Russian-Ukrainian war for the world is not lost to many. It has had a significant impact on the mobility of people and goods in Europe. Apart from issues like fuel supplies and increasing fuel prices, the economic cost the conflict has caused have been severe.

One of the most alarming supply chain issues resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war is food shortages, particularly acute in low-income countries. With the advent of winter, and the shortage of gas supply to Europe, the situation does not look good.

Principles linked to contemporary international law, which includes the principle of territorial integrity of each state, form a cornerstone as far as the rules related to the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty are concerned.

International Humanitarian Law

In this particular conflict, there have been several instances of alleged atrocities, claims and counterclaims from all sides requiring the implementation of international humanitarian law as soon as possible in order to avoid further losses.

It also entails developing a scenario in which the world’s key political blocs participate and call upon both sides to adhere to international law.

The problem though is: How to effectively solve the Russia-Ukraine issue in the shadow of international humanitarian law?

What the world must emphasise is the inevitability of seeking peaceful solutions to border disputes; given its importance and seriousness. This makes the peaceful settlement of the ongoing crisis an urgent necessity that states must pursue in their mutual relations in support of international peace and security in the spirit of good neighbourliness.

In general, peaceful settlement of international disputes are of two main types: political means — which include negotiations, mediation, conciliation, good offices, and legal or judicial means, which include resorting to international arbitration.

According to international law, parties to an international conflict must seek its settlement by peaceful means, in confirmation with the principles of peaceful coexistence.

Importance of negotiations

Negotiations are an effective means to prevent the occurrence of conflict between states. Although consultations are not mentioned in the United Nations Charter, they have been referred to in an increasing number of international treaties as a means of settling disputes arising from the interpretation or application of the respective treaty.

In other cases, consultations are resorted to by the parties concerned, when one party expects that any decision or action that it might take might harm the other country, in order to avoid the occurrence of any conflict.

Principles linked to contemporary international law, which includes the principle of territorial integrity of each state, form a cornerstone as far as the rules related to the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty are concerned.

The importance attached by international law is so clear and this principle is mainly responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security.

The importance of establishing a forward-looking scenario for the peaceful resolution of the problem between Russia and Ukraine in order to spread peace between the two states cannot be underestimated.

Peace can only be ascertained through mediation and negotiation, through diplomatic means. The presence of the big powers, both Western and Eastern, must help find an appropriate dialogue formula that would satisfy the parties.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE is committed to international law by respecting the charter of the United Nations and international laws. The country is establishing relations with all states of the world on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of others.

This is in addition to attempting to resolve international disputes through dialogue and peaceful means, and making an effective contribution to the consolidation of international peace and stability.

As is evident from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the importance of international law becomes all the more important and a must in order to find solutions necessary to maintain international peace and security.

Dr Ahmed Mohammed AlMheiri is an expert in International Law