How many people after the age of 30, remember to call their mothers, regardless of whether they live in the same city or a different country?

Sadly, some people after they grow up, do not feel the need to take time out and think of the joyful moments they spent with their mothers or her struggles. We forget all the times our mothers transformed into a doctor with no medical degree, because her child was hurting.

Do you ever think of the undying support she showed you during your childhood? Do you remember her unconditional love?

Then, why do we forget or decide not to ring her up even once in a day? Is it because we are under stress due to situations at our workplace, or an age-old fight or misunderstanding, or is it ego that makes us feel like we can manage life on our own finally?

Whatever be the reason for ignoring our mothers, we need first to realise that our mother is the main reason why we are so fortunate to even be working. She is the one that laid the foundation for us to reach there in the first place. Most importantly, she put her body on the line so we could step foot on Earth. She has patience that no teacher or companion can match up to. She never judges her children, no matter the magnitude of an issue or problem at hand. Your friends and relatives may not always stand by your side, but your mother will definitely stand by you.

So, before we forget to call our mothers, we should remember the pain she went through while giving us life. Is it justified to ignore her just for a temporary circumstance? Your mother is a gift from God, treat her like one.
- The reader is a student based in Dubai