In today’s world, infatuation has been a frequently used term when describing the behaviour of teenagers. Teenagers of today begin making friends with those of the opposite gender, whether in schools, tuitions, or even colleges, which could very possibly signal the beginning of a new and healthy friendship, that is, if it is dealt with in the right manner. However, the opposite could very well begin the process of infatuation. Today’s youth tends to get it all wrong in the process of friendship, often forgetting specific responsibilities and goals in life, and falling towards the wrong end of the scale. This negative inclination begins when a person’s romantic desires and plans start going entirely overboard. In other words, teenagers start getting carried away. This in turn has forced our communities to believe that if a male teenager spends time with someone of the opposite gender, they could be on the way to ruin their potential careers. However, this stereotype is wrong and instead of restricting teenagers from meeting the opposite gender, parents should educate or explain to their boys and girls as to how relations with people should be and that they should not get carried away with the situation. They should make healthy friendships with a sense of maturity, knowing that there’s a specific time for everything. Moreover, adolescence is a time to work hard and learn new activities. Lastly, infatuation is considered a disease in society. Sadly, society has not found any cure for this disease and is trying to suppress the issue by simply telling young people to stay away from the opposite sex. Proper parental guidance could be important.

- The reader is a freelance writer based in Dubai.