Vehicles drive on a flooded road during torrential rain in Dubai on April 16, 2024 Image Credit: AFP

The UAE boasts a rich history and an authentic Arab environment, underscored by the unwavering loyalty of its people to their leadership and their deep-rooted sense of belonging to the homeland. From the era of the founding fathers to the present day, the commitment to preserving the nation’s reputation has remained steadfast.

The recent display of concerted efforts and community solidarity amid the extreme weather conditions experienced by our beloved country reflects the pinnacle of national cohesion, social responsibility, and a collective commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of every individual, wherever and whenever needed.

Despite facing the most severe and heavy weather conditions in recorded history since 1949, the UAE, by the grace of Allah, has demonstrated exceptional resilience under the guidance of its wise leadership, dedicated work teams, and the efficiency of its government entities.

The crisis was met with a professional response aimed at minimising damage and losses through timely awareness and warning messages disseminated across traditional and modern media platforms in multiple languages to reach all segments of society. The transition to remote study and work was facilitated to prioritise the safety of lives, placing human well-being at the forefront of the UAE’s priorities.

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Welfare of the citizens

As the extreme weather conditions subside, messages of reassurance from President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, instill a sense of strength and confidence.

The UAE is poised to continue its journey of sustainable development, fostering integration and strategic partnerships between federal and local government decision-makers and work teams.

Together, they aim to transform current challenges into opportunities for development, enhancing the country’s work system, advancing the welfare of its citizens, and contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of its future, leading up to the country’s centennial in 2071.

We must not overlook the noble humanitarian gestures displayed by the people of the UAE, from providing moral support and assistance to stranded drivers and frightened animals to upholding the national flag as a symbol of unity, strength, and cooperation in times of adversity and prosperity alike.

It is our duty to express gratitude to our wise government for its tireless efforts in fostering happiness and elevating our nation among the global community. We commend the national efforts exemplified through the principles of good citizenship, prompt adherence to government directives, active participation in volunteer initiatives, and the proud narration of the Emirates’ stories of prosperity and sustainability.

Alya Hassan Al Yassi is a media expert in the UAE government. X: Alya_alyassi