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The UAE stands out for its robust national media, characterised by its adaptability to global shifts and technological advancements. Supported by a legislative framework that prioritises proactivity and safeguards intellectual property, the nation fosters an environment conducive to the growth of the creative content industry. This approach not only attracts top-tier talent but also prestigious international media institutions to establish a presence in the country.

Furthermore, the UAE’s media strategy is rooted in promoting research, forging strategic alliances, and facilitating cultural exchange. By effectively communicating strategic and media messages to a global audience, the nation endeavours to contribute to sustainable human development on a global scale.

Perhaps the World Government Summit is one of the most important examples of the UAE global initiatives and their success stories, which is necessary to narrate and record it for history, which aims to consolidate cooperation between the governments of the world to achieve the prosperity and well-being of peoples and societies that receive global attention and the presence of international leaders and exceptional personalities for a brighter future and more hopeful and fulfilling generations.

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Inspiration to the whole world

The media is the diplomacy of the era through which we can cross continents and reach the masses of the world and publish a meaningful and attractive media content of national value in which the history of the UAE and its honourable renaissance achievements are highlighted, which are an inspiration to the whole world.

This stage requires concerted efforts to unify media and strategic messages, find the target global audience and preferred channels, qualify national cadres, develop their media skills, communication, and strategic capabilities as one of the most essential elements of soft power for supporting media diplomacy.

UAE’s success stories

It is also necessary to strengthen cooperation with global influencers who ultimately use the UAE as their headquarters to participate in spreading the UAE’s success stories to all countries of the world.

The national media plays a pivotal role in highlighting the foreign policy of the state and its supreme national goals, and consolidating its global reputation as the optimal economic, tourist, industrial, investment and cultural destination based on openness and tolerance, preserving rights, consolidating the state of justice and human brotherhood, preserving human dignity, respecting cultures and national identity, highlighting its civilisational efforts in providing development and humanitarian assistance and its moral obligations towards the less fortunate people, and those who are exposed to disasters, emergencies and political conflicts everywhere and at a time, without regard to race, colour, religion or culture.

The media shares the dissemination of the country’s achievements related to achieving the sustainable development goals, the scientific and research efforts of its people that contribute to the progress and advancement of humanity, and its policies related to the call for peace, negotiations and dialogue to resolve all differences, seeking with regional partners and global friends to consolidate regional and global peace and stability, work to develop stable and positive political, economic and popular relations and tell their success stories in all development fields as it is a more efficient and global development model.

Alya Hassan Al Yassi is a media researcher and strategic communication expert