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As a month of inspiration, reflection and discovery, Ramadan always opens up a world of opportunities for communities to come together and connect in celebration of the Holy Month.

Thanks to digital platforms, communities can embrace new experiences – such as digital majlis, virtual Iftars, interaction through videos and digital acts of solidarity and piety during the Holy Month – and connect to a wider world while staying rooted in Ramadan traditions and activities.

That’s why, as millions of users around the world seek to discover fresh content, learn new skills and connect with different cultures and amongst themselves, the immersive experience of digital communities provides them a welcome avenue to engage in during the Holy Month, inspiring reflection and action that last well beyond the month.

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Whether spending more time scouring helpful content, looking for cooking tips or spiritual guides, finding ways to be more active and fit, or getting inspiration for an iftar table setting, Ramadan is a time filled with unique moments and opportunities for creators and communities to come together in larger numbers than ever before.

For many users, especially among the youth, digital platforms represent the ideal gateway to access a treasure trove of information and cultural practices, seek out answers and resources, exchange opinions with the wider community and gain a deeper understanding of Ramadan across its spiritual, emotional and social facets.

Ramadan is also valued as a time for reconnecting with loved ones, and digital communities act as the ideal catalyst for the celebrations of home away from home – a theme that especially resonates amongst residents and expats across the Gulf.

Celebrating Ramadan online

For many families, this allows them to feel connected, even when not physically together. Digital communities fuel a deep sense of nostalgia and belonging with a multitude of users celebrating Ramadan online and sharing their stories through engaging visual storytelling.

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These communities are where the most meaningful moments of Ramadan are celebrated, where sincere exchanges between family and friends are shared, and new connections forged that endure well beyond the Holy Month. Digital platforms are where empathetic, optimistic and communities come together to share their experiences.

Through digital communities, users can showcase their skills and content, and prompt others to find more meaningful ways of staying connected during the Holy Month.

Ramadan on TikTok, for instance, is the month of inspiration and discovery, with 46 per cent of MENAT digital users discovering new tips, skills and content on the platform during the Holy Month last year.

Connecting with communities

This trend is reinforced by figures from last year which found that 74 per cent of TikTok users focus on community activities related to Ramadan, and 57 per cent spend more time with family and friends – a testimony to how the platform has successfully reinvented traditional Ramadan activities and enabled users to connect with their communities through helpful content which adds value to their daily lives.

One of the key factors behind this successful interaction is the authentic and distinct way in which creators build their videos, nurture their own community and connect with them on a deeper level.

Championing the values of kindness, togetherness, tolerance and giving, digital platforms have become the premier cultural and entertainment hub during the Holy Month, amplifying the reach, engagement and effectiveness of communities to create a blessed and beloved experience.

Sasha El Jurdi, Head of Content Programming TikTok MENA